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    15 Of The Best Jeans You Can Buy Online

    15 Of The Best Jeans You Can Buy Online

    While matching sweatsuits and soft leggings had their 15 minutes of fashion fame during life in lockdown, jeans – also known as hard pants – are back, proving their sartorial resilience as a timeless closet staple. The classic garment is at the very the top of our shopping lists year-round, and we’ve got our eyes out for the best jeans for women right now to upgrade our existing collections.

    Of course, as far as denim is concerned, there are the heavy hitters (lookin’ at you, Levi’s) that are always a safe bet. But retailers like Everlane and Anthropologie have stepped up their game over the past few seasons, which means shoppers have more choice than ever before in the denim department. To help narrow down the search for the best pick of the bunch, we’ve sought the advice of shoppers who’ve doled out their stamps of approval in the form of stars and ratings. From a baggy Urban Outfitters pair with over 2,000 reviews to an under-$20 option that’s got shoppers racing to hit that “add to cart” button, we’ve rounded up 15 of the top-rated styles on the internet to get you closer to your perfect match.

    Welcome to Hype Machine, our hit-list of the top reviewed products across the web – according to a crowd of die-hard shoppers. Call this your 4-star & up only club, with entry granted by our devoted-to-the-goods shop editors.At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff.


    Classic Fit Olivia Sculpting Skinny Jean, $89.95

    The Hype: 4.3 out of 5 stars; 313 reviews on
    Best For: Skinny jeans

    We understand TikTok may have “killed” the skinny jean, but you can’t deny that the fitted style effortlessly elongates your legs and makes them appear miles long. (Fans of this snug fit will deny that the trend is actually over.) Eloquii customers count themselves among skinny-jean existing champions, especially when it comes to the brand’s best-selling Olivia silhouette. “Fabric is very good quality in my opinion. Generally, jeans with good stretch tend to be very thin fabric and break at the inner thighs in no time! I am super confident these ones will keep shape and all for a long time! Definitely recommend them,” writes one reviewer. “I have always had trouble finding jeans that fit me but not anymore! For reference: I’m 5′ 4″ and 265 lbs; I carry most of my weight in my belly and thighs but my waist is a bit smaller. So when I heard about Eloquii’s [jeans] I just had to try [them]. And I fell absolutely in LOVE!” another reviewer raves.


    Mid-Rise Flare Jeans, $49.99

    The Hype: 4.1 out of 5 stars; 195 reviews on
    Best For: Flare

    Slip into these flare jeans, which have a comfortable mid-rise fit. It’s an everyday staple that adds a bit of sass and funkiness to a laid-back or semi-business casual outfit. Wear it with a white T-shirt for a midday coffee trip or with a button-down and blazer for the office. “I’ve been trying on flared jeans from all sorts of brands and I just couldn’t find the right pair. That was until I tried these. They’re slim at the top and the pockets are flat so really flattering. They have a lovely flare- not ridiculous – and the length is great. I was willing to spend about three times the price so am super pleased. I’ve had lots of compliments and two friends have bought a pair! They wash well too,” writes one reviewer. Additionally, the style comes in three other versatile neutral shades that we wouldn’t blame you if you bought all four hues or matched in different tints with your friends. Trust us. You won’t want to skip out on these bottoms. “Absolutely adore these – so comfy, great fit and long in length. Looks great with my cowboy boots,” another reviewer shares.


    AE Stretch Mom Jeans, $35.95

    The Hype: 4.7 out of 5 stars; 618 reviews on
    Best For: Mom jeans

    For the busy bodies among us, this pair of mid-weight, ankle-skimming jeans were made to move as you move. They’ve got just enough stretch for everyday comfort while being reinforced with structure to maintain their shape. “Saying I’m IN LOVE with these jeans is an understatement. I honestly feel that these jeans were MADE for me personally. [They] are so comfortable and such a good fit I would wear these everyday if I could. The material is perfect,” writes one reviewer. “I really am not into high waisted jeans, but I love how these fit me,” another reviewer shares. They loved the fit of the bottoms so much that they even convinced their mom to buy a pair. “They make me feel so much better about how I look in high waisted jeans and are so so soft!! I absolutely am in love with these jeans.”


    BDG High-Waisted Baggy Jean, $49

    The Hype: 4.6 out of 5 stars; 2,708 reviews on
    Best For: Baggy jeans

    If what the TikTok-ers say is true, it’s time to invest in a pair of non-skinny jeans. Considering this baggy pair has received over 2,600 rave reviews, it’s safe to say they’ve got all the fixings to become your new go-to dungarees “Amazing: these are the PERFECT baggy jeans, I’ve worn them a million times and would buy them in so many more colors if I could,” writes one reviewer. “Absolutely love these jeans. I got the light blue with the rip in the bum!!! I’ve gained some weight recently and these just made me feel so cute and comfortable. I’d definitely recommend,” another reviewer shares.


    Abercrombie 90s Ultra High Rise Straight Jeans, $99

    The Hype: 4.4 out of 5 stars; 1,363 reviews on
    Best For: Vintage-inspired style

    ICYMI: Abercrombie is having a moment. What’s more, they’ve got jeans inspired by the best shapes and silhouettes of the ’90s – a real golden era for denim. “When I tell you I have never had a pair of jeans fit me so perfectly, I’m not kidding. I have a smaller waist and wider hips, so it’s usually a one-or-the-other deal with jeans,” writes one reviewer. The bottoms hug in all the right places so perfectly that the reviewer is buying other washes in the same style.” If you’re a busy mom who always has a packed schedule, these early aughts denim could be your new go-to jeans: “Great fit. Comfortable enough to chase kids in while also looking good. Not much stretch. Washed and dried well without much shrinkage. I receive a bunch of compliments every time I wear these,” another reviewer shares.


    Mom High Ankle Jeans, $29.99

    The Hype: 4.2 out of 5 stars; 2,103 reviews on
    Best For: High-waisted style

    Elongate your legs with these ultra high-waisted, straight-legged jeans. Did we mention that it also comes in six additional colors? “These jeans are beautiful, I had been looking for a pair of really sturdy 98-100% cotton jeans because I hate jeggings or any jeans that have a stretch to them. … However, these jeans have honestly almost no stretch, and I can tell that they will last for a long time. I would definitely recommend these jeans to anyone that is looking for a good pair of sturdy jeans that complement any outfit,” writes one reviewer. “I really really like these jeans. They’re super soft and comfy and definitely have 90’s vibes. I ordered them in a size 4 which is larger than what I usually wear because I was afraid they would be too small, but I honestly wish I would have ordered them in a size 2 because they’re a little big. So I would say they’re true to size. I was really surprised [at] the quality of these jeans for the price and will definitely repurchase them in a smaller size and maybe additional colors.”


    Madewell Mid-Rise Perfect Vintage Jean, $128

    The Hype: 4.3 out of 5 stars; 88 reviews on
    Best For: Mid-rise style

    For the past six years, successful shoppers have cited Madewell’s Perfect Vintage Jean as an unbeatable kind of denim find, so much so that the brand sells one every other minute. If you’ve got a shorter torso, this 1/2″ mid-rise version of the style is the one for you. “Thank you for making these in a mid rise. This jean hits me perfectly now, where as before the regular vintage jean came up to my ribs. If you make them in other washes I will buy all of them! There is no extra fabric in the crotch like before in the original vintage jean. The back rise dips slightly in the back but it’s not a big deal. I am a size 6 and weigh 160 pounds and I’m 5’7″ (for reference). They are slightly snug at first but then become a little looser after wearing for a bit. Please please please make them in other washes,” one happy reviewer shares.


    Good American Good Boy Long Twisted Slit, $165

    The Hype: 4 out of 5 stars; 62 reviews on
    Best For: On-trend style

    For a trendy twist to your good ol’ high-waisted fit, consider this Good American option featuring of-the-minute slit front hems. “Soooo in love! I’m 5′ 9″ with a bootie and these jeans are my new favorite. Actually the best pair of jeans I’ve ever owned. I will take great care of them and admire my body every time I put them [on]. Thanks for boosting my bootie [and] confidence to rock these jeans,” writes one reviewer. “I bought a 6 first based on the size guide and they were really big and too long for me and then I went down to 4 and the length is good. [N]ow I think I could fit the 2. I will for sure buy another pair, they are very flattering,” another reviewer shares.


    Levi’s 725 High Rise Bootcut, $69.50

    The Hype: 4.2 out of 5 stars; 216 reviews on
    Best For: Bootcut

    When I say jeans, you say Levi’s. That’s the name of the game in the world of denim. So the only thing that beats a classic pair from the brand is a pair that’s got lots of good reviews … to boot! (Sorry, had to.) “Bootcut is … more flattering on my body type than skinnies or straight leg. The stretch is adequate to make the jeans form-fitting and not uncomfortable at the waist. Bought another pair,” writes one reviewer. “The best jeans … so soft and comfortable because they’re a little stretchy. I forgot how cute bootcut jeans are haven’t had a pair on since elementary school. If you’re looking to show your curves, buy them,” another reviewer shares.


    Wit&Wisdom Ab-Solution Itty Bitty Bootcut Jeans, $78

    The Hype: 4.3 out of 5 stars; 292 reviews on
    Best For: Flare

    Y2K wins again! This wide-leg pair of jeans has over 250 reviews from customers who rave about the fun of a flared fit. “In love! My new favorite jeans. The petite fit perfectly and are so comfortable. I’ve become addicted to this brand. I wear them with booties and wedges,” writes one reviewer. “These jeans are super soft and have a nice bit of stretch to them, which tricks me into thinking that I’m still maintaining my summer body while … eating my own weight in food during the holidays. As someone who struggles to find jeans that will fit a pear-shaped body, I can’t recommend these enough,” another reviewer shares.


    Kut From The Kloth Katy Boyfriend Jean, $29.97

    The Hype: 4.3 out of 5 stars; 498 reviews on
    Best For: Boyfriend jeans

    If you’re going for that casual-cool aesthetic that earned jeans their permanent home in closets across America, look no further than this $30 pair from Nordstrom Rack. “My new go-to brand of jeans. Soft, stretchy jean material. Fit good in all the right places – no gap in back like many other brands of jeans. [Fits] right on the hips but not low. For me this is a new brand that I love that fits my body type. For anybody who is picky about how jeans, fit try this brand,” writes one reviewer. “Nice, classy jeans! Love [them], especially the color of the denim and pre-rolled cuff. You CAN uncuff as well. Fit great,” another reviewer shares.


    MOTHER The Weekender High-Rise Flare Jeans, $238

    The Hype: 5 out of 5 stars; 9 reviews on
    Best For: A nostalgic fit

    If you ever imagined how it would feel like to kick up your boots in some 70s-inspired dungarees, then this is your chance. The vintage-inspired silhouette is a comfy piece that is quickly becoming a fan favorite. I love these jeans! So comfortable and soft. They have some stretch to them but didn’t loosen up like other jeans. I love the style and wash of these jeans! I ordered a size down and could have probably gone down one more but they are on back order and I didn’t want to wait,” writes one reviewer. “I was doubtful that these jeans would be as good as everyone says they are… they are even better! So comfortable. I normally wear a 26 and that’s the size I got and although I could have probably tried the 25, they are comfortable and I like the loose fit. You won’t be disappointed,” another reviewer shares.


    Everlane The Way-High Jean, $98

    The Hype: 4.28 out of 5 stars; 1,322 reviews on
    Best For: Extra high-waist

    There are high-rise jeans, and then there are where-did-my-belly-button-go? jeans – and this premium organic cotton pair by Everlane belongs to the latter category. That means denim that accentuates your true waist while lengthening your legs. No wonder they’ve racked up over 1,300 reviews from some very happy shoppers. “I LOVE these. Please never stop making them. They are hands down the most comfortable and flattering jeans I’ve ever found,” writes one reviewer. “I purchased these in rinsed indigo, and the fabric is the perfect mid-weight to wear in all seasons. It also has a tiny bit of stretch, which I wasn’t expecting, but I am so grateful for because it makes for a much more comfier fit without compromising a classic, rigid look. I have a 30″ waist, and took a 29, and they are my ideal fit. Not too relaxed, but comfy enough to wear all day every day,” another reviewer shares.


    We The Free Firecracker Flare Jeans, $168

    The Hype: 4.4 out of 5 stars; 156 reviews on
    Best For: OTT jeans

    Style stars: These novelty jeans from Free People’s We The Free collection were designed with you in mind, in the most literal way possible. “Favorite Jeans Ever: I got these jeans in black and I get SO many compliments every time I wear them. The stars on the butt are really [what] make these superior! They fit like a glove and are so comfortable. I love wearing them with heels or white sneakers. So adorable!! I would recommend these jeans for sure,” writes one reviewer. “I’ve been waiting for a restock FOREVER. They are so great, I ordered my usual 25 and a 26. [T]he 25s fit but are snug, the 26s are just big enough for comfort without being to loose in any way. Very flattering, I can’t wait to wear these out,” another reviewer shares. As a warning, the comment section is flooded with fans asking for Free People to restock the jeans in various sizes, so if you see yours, you’ll want to add them to your cart immediately.


    Time and Tru Core Modern Straight Jean, $16.87

    The Hype: 4.4 out of 5 stars; 596 reviews on
    Best For: Under-$20 style

    As if the price wasn’t enticing enough, these jeans have got shoppers (almost 600 of them) waxing lyrical about the fit, the stretch, and the fabric. One customer was even compelled to write: “Why have I been buying expensive jeans?” This pair also comes with countless style opportunities, as you can pair it with a trench coat, sweater, and boots for the cold weather or a ribbed top and flats for warmer days. “Amazing fit. Literally the first pair of jeans I’ve found that fit in length, through the butt and thigh area, AND my waist. I love these jeans,” writes one reviewer. “I’m very picky about my jeans and these are my new favorite. They are a softer denim with just a tiny bit of stretch. The petites are the perfect length for my short 5′ 1″ self. I bought a pair in all 3 colors,” another reviewer shares.


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